(Barbamon) Tamer kennan lvl 70 betamon 15 Ev perfect and 273 Teras

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warning!!! (read this before buy): currently the service "change emails associated with dmo accounts" in "GAMEKING" does not work.  if you want to buy this account we will deliver to you: 1) the username, 2) the password, 3) the second password, 4) associated mail, 5) the associated email password.  The exchange of mail will not be made, if you agree with this please continue with the purchase.

note: the delivery time is usually less than 6 hours, but it says 48 hours to answer questions about the purchase.



Betamon level 95 hatch:5 15 ev perfect clon (only) Apocalymon Bm

Dorumon level 44 hatch:5

Armadimon level 93 hatch:5

Agumon level 49 hatch: 5

Digmon lvl 1 hatch:5

fire spirit level 20

earh spirit lvl 20

Eggs (all character bound)

Otamamon 4

agumon 5

renamon 5

Picodevimon (Type:Bakemon) 5

Palmon (Type:Togemon) 5

Gomamon 5

Terriermon 4

PawnchessmonB 5

Patamon 5

Candlemon 5 x2 eggs

Bearmon 5

Dracomon (Type:Green) 4

Lopmon 5

Fanbeemon 5

Soulmon 5

Dorugamon 4

Musyamon 5

Commandramon 5

Blackgatomon 4

Dracmon 5

Mushroomon 5

Dorumon (Raptordramon) 4

Dorumon (raptordramon) 5

Arkadimon 5

Swimmon 5

Toyagumon 4

Salamon (Lilithmon) 4

Gazimon (Millenniumon) 4

Mystery reinforced Mercenary digiegg (vaccine) x6

Mystery reinforced mercenary digiegg (Virus) x6

Mystery reinforced mercenary digiegg (Data) x9

hatch backup lv.5 (Character bound)

Change digimon name (character bound)

rechargeable energy (event) x3 (character bound)

Option Change stone x95

Number change stone x113

Toy Gun (Character Bound)

Hyper Cannon (Chacarter bound)

Black tentacle (trade)

Jogress chip (30 days) box (character bound)

Digiaura (7 days) box (character bound)

Rare coins (event) x13

(Weekly) arena voucher x29

Battle poin x112

random buff box (+50%) event (character bound)

amplification booster +200% x17 (Character Bound)

Amplification booster +1000% x30 (Character Bound)

Amplification booster +500% x15 (Character Bound)

Graduation Uniform (Equipment) 30 days Package (Character bound)

seal Exchange ticket x98 (Character bound)

Digi-Egg of knowledge (Character Bound)

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