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The Best Weapons in Destiny 2

There are a lot of weapons in Destiny 2 that are often overlooked. It’s hard not to. After all, the sheer amount of weapons that players can find and collect in the game can result in hundreds of hours. When talking about the best weapons in Destiny 2, it can be circumstantial. Is it for PvE situations? Or for Gambit? Or perhaps Crucible? Oftentimes, players have a load of weapons in their inventory but don’t really know which is suited for a certain situation. Destiny 2 players don’t really keep in mind those kinds of certain details and give importance to the “as long it gets the job done” part where the weapon can blast through enemies. But what they don’t know is that these minuscule details can help improve how gamers play the game. Here are some of the best weapons in Destiny 2 that are suited to each situation:

1. Night Watch

It’s been a tough time for scout rifle fans since they’ve seen better days in the past. When it comes to the ever-changing meta, some types of weapons get the short end of the stick. Unfortunately, the scout rifle just happens to be one of those unlucky saps that got hit by the meta hard. But that’s not to say that there’s no fun to be had with them. To get the most out of scout rifles, players will have to employ a different kind of strategy and playstyle, whether it’s in PvP or PvE. If there’s only a single scout rifle that players can only have, then the Night Watch is perfect for the job.

This is a frequently overlooked weapon that, despite its age, still holds a place in the sandbox even after the season of the Drifter introduced a couple of meta-changing items. The Night Watch is solid against red bar enemies and its Rapid Hit and Explosive Payload makes it rather forgiving when it comes to missing headshots. Explosive Payload, specifically, is known to many players as the king of countering Champions when doing tough PvE content. Players can also opt to roll with Multikill Clip instead if they don’t have any plans to counter Champions.

2. Scathelocke

Throughout Destiny 2’s history, assault rifles have seen dozens of changes, both good and bad. They’re arguably the strongest weapon archetype in the game and have seen their fair share of balance changes just so the other types of weapons could shine. No matter how many years go by, assault rifles will always remain a staple in shooter games, so of course, players ought to pick the best one. The Scathelocke definitely takes that place for the many in the community. With an Adaptive Frame that resides in the Kinetic slot, the AR features an excellent selection of perks and has the best stat package out of any assault rifles in Destiny 2.

With excellent handling, 20 zoom raise, and an above-average range stat, the Scathelock has become a fan favorite among players. Plus, it can roll some of the best perks for an assault rifle such as Substinence, Multikill Clip, Heating Up, and Tunnel Vision. It can also roll Accurized Rounds which further boosts its effective range. This allows players to use the Scathelocke to outduel PvP players with ease. Meanwhile, in PvE, the excellent range and ability to roll damage perks make it a great weapon to pair with an Anti-Barrier Artifact mod. Long-time veterans mean it when they say that the Scathelock will not disappoint, and they’re absolutely right.

3. Annual Skate

It’s almost impossible to walk into a Crucible match without a hand cannon. In fact, one could say that it’s a weapon that’s a fairly common sight in PvEs. And why wouldn’t they? After all, they’re among the highest-damaging primaries in the game, making it easy to see why there’s an appeal. Hand cannons are typically divided into archetypes based on their damage and fire rate. Among the many available, the Annual Skate is certainly one that packs a punch.

Thanks to Bungie adding the Annual Skate back as a world drop during Season of the Lost, players can easily acquire the weapon now without much trouble. The best thing about it is that it can pair a couple of useful perks like Surplus or Outlaw together with Dragonfly, Multikill Clip, and Timed Payload. But the thing that makes it super special compared to the rest of the hand cannon is that it can come with Triple Tap, making it a must-have for sharpshooters.

For those that are looking for a substitute if they can’t seem to find the Annual Skate, then the Garden of Salvation’s Ancient Gospel is nearly identical to it. Although keep in mind that it has a slightly more vertical recoil and smaller perk pool.


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