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Player Statistics Tracker

Rounds Played 21,917
Rounds Won 7,402
Win % 33.77
Dust II
Rounds Played 12,629
Rounds Won 5,161
Win % 40.87
Rounds Played 10,570
Rounds Won 9,062
Win % 85.73
  • Sugarcane
    Rounds Played 8,024
    Rounds Won 499
    Win % 6.22
  • Aztec
    Rounds Played 7,467
    Rounds Won 565
    Win % 7.57
  • Inferno
    Rounds Played 6,890
    Rounds Won 1,925
    Win % 27.95
  • Italy
    Rounds Played 6,170
    Rounds Won 1,779
    Win % 28.85
  • Dust
    Rounds Played 6,044
    Rounds Won 434
    Win % 7.19
  • St. Marc
    Rounds Played 5,274
    Rounds Won 1,227
    Win % 23.27
  • Monastery
    Rounds Played 5,173
    Rounds Won 2,285
    Win % 44.18
  • Lake
    Rounds Played 4,798
    Rounds Won 938
    Win % 19.56
  • Vertigo
    Rounds Played 4,497
    Rounds Won 2,316
    Win % 51.51
  • Assault
    Rounds Played 4,472
    Rounds Won 3,066
    Win % 68.56
  • Train
    Rounds Played 4,363
    Rounds Won 1,353
    Win % 31.01
  • Bank
    Rounds Played 4,340
    Rounds Won 1,226
    Win % 28.25
  • Cobblestone
    Rounds Played 4,259
    Rounds Won 2,396
    Win % 56.26
  • Office
    Rounds Played 4,165
    Rounds Won 473
    Win % 11.38
  • Nuke
    Rounds Played 4,065
    Rounds Won 1,346
    Win % 33.12
  • Safehouse
    Rounds Played 3,401
    Rounds Won 1,634
    Win % 48.05
  • Shoots
    Rounds Played 3,367
    Rounds Won 977
    Win % 29.04
  • Baggage
    Rounds Played 2,317
    Rounds Won 994
    Win % 42.89

CSGO Map Tool

Intel is an integral part of any successful operation. Included in that important intel is data regarding the site of operation. In Counter-Strike Global Offensive’s case, that’s CSGO map stats. There are many reasons why it’s vital, and to help you out with that, we at PlayerAuctions have developed this nifty tool.

Why Use Our CSGO Map Tool

Whatever your reason for playing CSGO, having knowledge regarding maps is important. Having the maps memorized is actually the bare minimum; to truly improve, you need to have an even more in-depth understanding of the stats related to them. For that, we’re launching a map tool.

What is in Our Map Tool

Included in our map tool are the following data:

  • Distribution of maps played – this displays how many games have been held in a particular map. In addition, maps are also ranked according to the number of games played in them. This changes from time to time, so watch out!
  • Win distribution of teams on maps and CSGO map win rates – this displays the wins of both Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists on the maps.
  • Personalized Map Data – this will show what areas of the map you tend to excel in, as well as areas that you have to be careful in. Studying this will be a huge help in improving your performance with information such as your best aim maps CSGO.

Aside from data being displayed, the map tool includes filters, allowing you to focus on maps that share a particular trait. These filters include the type of matches, the rank of maps within a particular period, and their rankings.

How Can I Use the Map Tool

You can use the data that you can get from this map tool in all sorts of ways. However, the most popular usage for it would be to improve your win rate by knowing what your best CSGO maps to play in are.

Having a better win rate is good not only for pros and streamers, but also for regular players like you. Wins give you more EXP. More EXP means the faster you rank up, and the faster you rank up means the faster you get the skin and crate rewards that you deserve.

You can also use it to be guided by the CSGO map stats accordingly regarding which team to pick when playing in a particular map. Although official sources will always deny that certain maps give a particular team an advantage, be it slight or huge, there will always be times when it’s clear to see that a particular team has better positioning, starting point, and more easily-achievable objectives because of the map layout.

Last but perhaps most importantly, the personalized map data that you will find on our site will definitely help you know not only which maps you have success in, but also how you can achieve your successes in those maps.

While it can feel like nit-picking which maps you play in, that’s just how it is when you prioritize win rates over a more rounded playing experience. At the end of the day, it’s up to you whether you use the info to achieve a more competitive scorecard, or simply chalk it up as nice-to-know details that you won't even apply to your game.