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CSGO Left Hand Command

CSGO Left Hand Command

Most FPS games, including CSGO, have a game model where the right hand is where you shoot from by default. However, some players who are left-handed in real life feel they could do better by switching things up to the left. While many games don’t give you that option, CSGO does, although most of its fanbase isn’t aware of it.

So how do you change your default hand to the left in CSGO? Dive in as we explain to you each and everything you need to do.

How To Change Hand To Left In CSGO

Changing the hand to left may feel natural to some players who are left-handed in real life. While it doesn’t give you any competitive advantage, a change of view can sometimes be handy, especially if you’ve been on the losing side for too long. So to change your hand to the left, you will need to enable the console first.

How To Enable Console In CSGO

The console is a pretty useful developer tool in CSGO where you can type in commands that allow you to adjust almost everything in the game to your preference. These commands also allow you to shift player perspective from right hand to left without having to tinker too much with the settings. If you don’t know how to enable the console, follow these steps:

  1. Launch CS:GO.
  2. Click on the gear wheel on the left side of the screen (Settings menu).
  3. On the top bar of the settings menu (the one to the left of the search bar), select Game.
  4. Find “Enable Developer Console (~)”.
  5. Change the “Enable Developer Console (~)” setting from “No” to “Yes”.

Now every time you press the tilde (~) button on your keyboard, the console will open.

How To Change Hand IN CSGO

After you’ve enabled the console, here’s what you need to do to change your perspective to the left side:

  1. Use “~” to open the console.
  2. Insert the command cl_righthand 0 to change the hand to left. If you want to revert back to the right, then enter the command cl_righthand 1.
  3. Press "Enter".

How To Bind Hands In CSGO

You can also bind hands in CSGO. This means you can keep switching back and forth to different hands whenever you want after setting a shortcut key for it. Just insert the command bind p „toggle cl_righthand 0 1” in the console. Now you can use the P button on the keyboard to switch back and forth to different hands. 

You can also set a different key bind if you like. While typing the command, just replace the P with the key you want to set the shortcut with. 


While right and left-hand perspectives don’t provide any sort of unfair advantage, changing them back and forth isn’t a bad idea either, especially if you’ve been having a bad day. A change in view sometimes is all you need to get your morale back and start racking up those kills!

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