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CSGO Callouts Dust 2

CSGO Dust 2 Callouts

Callouts are pretty essential in FPS games such as CSGO since they allow you to communicate efficiently and quickly with your teammates in the heat of an intense match. If you’re new to CSGO and lost a match on Dust because you didn’t understand a callout from your teammate, there’s no need to fret — we got you covered!

Dive in as we explain each and every callout you should know on Dust that will help you perform better and give as well as receive intel in a quickly-fashioned manner.

Callouts On Dust 2 CSGO

To make it easy for you, we’ve compiled a list of all the calls on Dust you should be familiar with so you always know where to look and act upon receiving intel from your teammates. While they may feel overwhelming at the beginning, you’ll get the hang of them in no time!



T Spawn

This is the side of the map where Terrorists spawn. 

T Plat

Short for T Platform, this is the raised area that connects to the Outside Tunnels of B. You can get on it to watch someone exiting from the tunnels since it provides you a heigh advantage

T Ramp

T Ramp is the slanted area that leads straight inside the Outside Tunnels

Outside Tunnels

This is the area outside B Tunnels when you’re going from T Spawn to B site

Upper B Tunnels

This is the area after you’ve crossed Outside Tunnels coming from T Spawn and leads to the entrance of B Site

Lower B Tunnels

This is the area that connects Upper B Tunnels to mid. There are stairs in the Upper B Tunnels that lead to this area


When going from B Tunnels to the B site as a Terrorist, the left corner is referred to as Close. This angle is very close and can be very dangerous if the Terrorists do not monitor it.

B Closet

B Closet is the corner of the B site where the B Car is located. 

B Car

This is left to the B Doors near the B Closet. The callout is only used if there’s an opponent hiding behind it. Otherwise mostly, the area is called B Closet


This is the wall that is fenced and also works as a hiding spot on the B site if you’re coming from B Tunnels

Big Box

This is the Big Box that stands still in the middle of the B Site

B Plat

This is the elevated area in the B Site where the bomb can be planted and is directly opposite the exit of the B Tunnels

Back Plat

This is the small area behind the small box on the B Plat where mostly awpers will be gunning anyone coming into the site from B Tunnels

Double Stack

These are the boxes that are stacked on top of each other in the middle of the B Site

B Default Plant

This is just below the B Window where the bomb is most commonly planted on the B Site

B Window

It is above the B Default Plant and is basically a wall that is broken from the top. 

B Back Site

This refers to the area behind all of the boxes in B Site

B Doors

This is the entrance to the B Site through CT Mid


These are the building materials outside of B to the side of the B Window


This is the ditch/pit that leads straight to top mid. It earned it’s name since jumping into it puts you under the crosshair of potential awpers

Top Mid

This is an elevated area from where you can see the top of mid coming from T Spawn


This is the telephone mast that is between Catwalk and Top Mid. It has this callout since there was a Palm Tree in the game’s older version


This is the pathway on where the Palm is located that leads straight to A short


This is the box beside the mid doors which you can use to get on Catwalk as well

Mid Doors

These are the double doors in Mid

Close Mid Doors

This is the little cubby right of the Mid Doors where sometimes people will hide in

CT Mid

This is the area between Mid Doors, CT Spawn and B Doors

Outside Long

This refers to the open area between T Spawn and Long Doors

Long Doors

These are two massive gates that act as the entrance to A Long from Outside Long


This is a blue colored shipping crate that is located after exiting Long Doors

Side Pit

This is the area that lies between Pit and A Long Doors that is marked by a downward slope, accompanied by a small brick wall. 


This is the sloped-down area right next to the Side Pit

Pit Plat

This is the slightly elevated area right of the Pit if you’re entering A

Long Corner

This is the corner of the corner shop in front of the Pit where mostly CT peek into Long Doors

A Long

The area between A Long Doors and Pit

A Car

This is the car on the right side of A Long if you’re approaching the A Site from Pit

A Ramp

This is the ramp that leads to A Platform

A Platform

This is where you can plant the bomb on A

A Short

This is the short walkway that connects mid to A


This is the area on A Plat where sometimes CT will hide

CT Spawn

This is the area where the CT team spawn


All in all, FPS games such as CSGO require effective communication which can only be achieved if you know your way around the map. Without callouts, it’d be too hard to explain to your allies where your opponent is, and that is why it is essential to know each and every callout on every map. 

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