Back From The Pit: Underlord

By |September 21st, 2016|

Almost all of DoTA’s heroes have already made a successful transition to DoTA 2, save one – Pit Lord. Azgalor, that hulking strength-type multi-role hero of the Scourge, left behind in the graphically dated and Warcraft 3 engine-dependent mod – until The International 6, […]

Gamescom: EU Gotta See It

By |August 25th, 2016|

Gaming conventions are always big events. There is E3, which is arguably the biggest and most popular yearly convention there is, and then there is Gamescom. Although it’s not as renowned as its LA-based counterpart, this gaming gathering that happened in Cologne, Germany is […]

Graphic Content: Create WoW Fan Art – Win a MOUSE

By |August 23rd, 2016|

Citizens of Azeroth!  It is now time to begin your assault on the dark shore, and force back the evil fel energies of the burning legion.

Okay, enough of that.

Let’s do something fun!

We want to engage with our Warcraft Community, and get all of our […]

Dirty, Bloody Free-for-All: OSRS Last Man Standing

By |August 4th, 2016|

Runescape, despite its cutesy, lighthearted graphics, has a history of violence that is well-known and well-documented. And the festivities continue with Last Man Standing for Old School Runescape, which is a serious bloodbath.

Gielinor’s Hunger Games

To play this mini-game of death, players must talk to […]

A Hack-and-Slash Fit for Lords: ELOA Online

By |August 2nd, 2016|

Top-down hack-and-slash MMORPGs are easy to pick up. Unfortunately, a lot of them are just as easy to quit, as they can be shallow and offer nothing but grinding, making the game all about killing monsters so players can have better gear and skills, […]

A Letter to PlayerAuctions: Why Runescape is so Popular

By |August 1st, 2016|

Dear PlayerAuctions,

In the gaming industry today, often times we get ourselves caught up in “what comes next” or “I can’t wait until this game comes out.” However, there are a few titles within the realm of gaming that have withstood the test of time. […]

Runescape’s The Arc: One Expansion, Seven Islands

By |July 28th, 2016|

Over the past few years, Runescape has been reinventing itself, trying new ideas for different kinds of servers and their exclusive game mechanics. They’ve added new skills, and a lot of other advancements that have made the game into what it is today – […]

Runes of Heroes Exclusive Offer

By |July 20th, 2016|


With the code LOVE4UPA, PlayerAuctions’ users can redeem rare items in-game (worth $20) including:


500 Gem + 60 Rainbow Portion + 6 Summon Stone + 60 Magic Dust

Instructions for how to redeem the code: Go to Settings, Redeem Code, Input LOVE4UPA, Go to “Rewards” […]