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BDO Service For XBOX Beginner Package and 100 Contribution points grind

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Black Desert
  • May-16-2022 22:31:20 PM

  • 11 time(s)

$ 150.00

  • 1. Buyer creates order and send payment to PlayerAuctions
  • 2. PlayerGuardian secures payment
  • 3. Seller completes delivery within delivery guarantee
  • 4. Buyer confirm delivery
  • 5. Seller receives disbursement

 beginner package for xbox that includes level 56 character and +15 all gear and 100 contribution points grind.

What do you need to do?
1. Contact us to discuss order details. We'll create a special offer for you and provide a purchase link. Make a purchase and provide your account details.
2. We'll log in and check if your account info is correct. Usually, we reply within 3 minutes.
3. If everything is okay we'll notify you and start working.
What we need from you.
1. Username and Password
2. Your region (EU/US/SEA/SA/TR/TH/TW/Steam and codes)
3. Character name you want to level
1. 24/7 online
1. Multiple orders / Returning customer.
2. We give a discount if you had progress in your level. Sample, your level 60 with 50% exp to 61, 60-61 = 450$ - 50% exp = 225$ we will charge for the remaining exp.

No Grief / Discreet Policy
1. We will never grief and we always avoid conflict that may cause damages in your account.
2. All services are with the highest discretion not even your friends would know.
1. We use VPN to match your location.
2. Our services are purely focused on Power leveling, no selling of account or selling of trade-able items and currencies.
3. Directly hired by you, we do not outsource.
4. 100% manual labor and we got the highest reputation 2000+ on BDO services here in PlayerAuctions.
5. Not a single order has been banned from our services.
6. We do not outsource our staff works in our office

-------------------------------------------------Notice to the Public---------------------------------------------------

Some company are claiming to be part of our team or even posting same ads like we got.
Please contact us directly to avoid getting scammed.

Having problem speaking in English?
We got you covered.
Speak in your own langauge.
Kendi dilinde konuş
Habla en tu propio idioma.
Fale no seu próprio idioma
Parlez dans votre propre langue
Sprich in deiner eigenen Sprache
Pagsulti sa imong kaugalingong pinulongan pero gwapo ko!
Our team and services focus on pure manual labor.

We highly value customer's trust in most online games and in all the accounts that we handle.

We also discourage RMT and we don't sell in-game currency where bots flooded the market.

 Also, our team works within our working facility, we do not outsource. And our staff got all legal, government benefits.

We value our staff as much as we value our loyal friends!

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      • Buyer creates order and send payment to PlayerAuctions
      • PlayerGuardian secures payment
      • Seller completes delivery within delivery guarantee
      • Buyer confirm delivery
      • Seller receives disbursement

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