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656 GS - 62 Sorceress/Witch - 4 T4 Pets - T4 Fairy - Miraculous Cheer 5 - Pen Blackstar Mainhand with Matching Name - Pegasus Dream Horse - Boss Alts

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This account has a level 62 Sorceress/Witch pair that is 656 gearscore.

They are tagged with:
pen heve c8
pen bhegs c4 (with matching name)
pen urugons c4 (with matching name)
duo fallen god (with matching name)
pen blackstar mainhand(with matching name)
c20 tri dande (succession build, tho there is a pen dande available)
pen nouver (with matching name) and tet kutum for both characters for grinding.

They also share the 3 pen capotia accessories from season with cups (crit cup for ring), the guaranteed pen accessory (crescent ring with crit cup), 2 tet narc earrings, 2 HP artifacts (they also have magical accuracy artifacts available), a vells heart, and a manos riding crop.

The witch also has perillas star and an ultimate tet rosar offhand for T1s/T2s.

The sorc has a 150/150/150/150 T8 horse with gear and artisan training. The witch has the pegasus which is 160/160/160/160 with gear and artisan training.

Both the witch and sorceress have multiple pearl outfits available. They also each have about 100 inventory slots and good weight for grinding. They also both have the pearl bag for outfits. 

There are 4 t4 pets and multiple t3 pets in addition to a handful of other pets and wizard gosphys which are ready to use for future t4 attempts.

The fairy is max tier and fully leveled with miraculous cheer 5 and feathery steps. The fairy also has the free pearl res ability. There is also a spare max tier fairy on the account waiting to be leveled and there are reroll items leftover. 

There is a shai with p2w outfits (cooking and training), leveled lifeskills, good lifeskill equipment, and guru cooking for daily turnins. The shai also has multiple pearl outfits available. The shai also has around 100 inventory slots available and plenty of weight for lifeskilling. The shai also has a 150/150/150/150 horse with gear and artisan training. The shai also has multiple pearl outfits and underwear. The shai also has boss alt comparable gear.

There are multiple sets of weapon exchange coupons.

There is 2 billion silver available in the market including an order for hp cup for ring.

There is a Pearl Tent on the account.

13 / 15 of bartalis books completed with the ap from the 14th book completed
1 / 2 dorim morgrims with the ap / dp from the 2nd book completed
1004 quests completed for rulupees travel log
1 /2 book of margahan with 50% of book 2 completed

There are over 10 transaction maids and over 10 storage maids.

There are plenty of enhancement mats and advice of valks available for future enhancing. There are also plenty of cron stones and mats available for more dream horse attempts.

There are multiple fully equipped boss alts with pearl outfits and underwear at level 61 with high skill points (lahn, kuno, mystic, tamer). 

There is a level 57 DK with pearl outfit and underwear.

There is a level 60 Valk.

There is a level 60 Corsair with pearl outfit and underwear.

There is a level 58 Nova with multiple pearl outfits and underwear (including canape for alt cooking)

There is a level 60 Drakania with multiple pearl outfit pieces.

If you are interested in the account, but would like a different character leveled up: feel free to message me. I might be able to level up the character you are interested to 62 and increase its skill points so you can easily tag when you purchase the account.

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