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$ 1600.00

  • 1. Check out and complete the payment
  • 2. Receive an email with the Game Account details
  • 3. Log in to the Game Account and verify description
  • 4. Confirm the delivery
  • 5. Seller gets paid

1bil in central market and 3more bil worth of items to be sold
Value pack: 44 days
Blessing of Kamasylve : 91 days
Secret Book of Old Moon: 68 days
Book of Combat: 54 days
2 permanent flutes on main and lifeskill alt.
2 flutes of 30 days and 1 of 7 days
3 sets of weapon exchange coupons
24  golden bells
3 branding stones
13 mount skill coupons
9 Theiah's Orb
Cliff and Armstrong guide for 30 days each
Emojis for 30 days
Morco's Gear bag
47 Gold LS
195 Blue LS
 128 Blessed message scrolls
130 scrolls of 530% exp and skill
393 energy and 382 CP
Worker empire set with most workers being artisan
 3500 Ecology Points (item drop rate+ 10%)
10 characters:
62 Ninja (main) 1800 SP
61 Dk (lifeskill alt)
 61 Nova and Archer (boss alts)
Rest are 56-58 boss alts
 The main has a Bloodfiend costume with crystal slotted.
 PEN Heve C7
 PEN Dim Tree C4 (I have Flame of Despair ready)
PEN Muskan C4
TET Blackstar main
PEN Kutum
PEN Basi belt
2 TET Tungrads
1 TET Cresc and 1 PEN Capotia
TET Ogre ring
TET Dande
TET Bheg C4
Vell Heart
Garmoth Heart
All weight limit and inventory purchased from Loyalty shop on this char and 3/4 weight on lifeskill alt.
 125 inventory space on ninja and 103 on DK. These are without anything active. The dk has the 100LT weight limit purchased and a camouflage costume (Desert Ghillie) as well.
All journals done (including HP ones)
 619 GS: 282/275 AP and 340 DP
The lifeskill alt has cooking  clothes +4, TRI Loggia and TET loggia cooking clothes. Guru cooking (all minded for imp crafting turn ins).
Fishing is master 11 and I have Balenos +10 rod for amateurs.
Epheria Sailboat only.
In case you plan on getting last PEN yourself and Fallen God or other accs I have a 200FS, a 113 FS, 3x 100, 1x 90 and 1x80 advice of valks. Permanent +2 chance also :D
Loyalty Naderr's band purchased
4 T4 pets
2 T3 pets (one with luck for permanent 5 luck)
8 maids (4 market and 4 storage)
T4 fairy with Feathery Steps III and Fairy's Tear I ( I have 6 Theiah's Orbs and I was planning to use them on another new T4 Fairy)
One very good T8 on the main and 2 good T7s for alts.
All PENs are SELFMADE but the Muskans!!!
This account is a steam account and it includes games like: PUBG, Doom, all Dark Souls, Mordhau, Arma 3, Fault, Hitman and more.
I believe this account is a great deal for someone that wants to play end game. Having almost everything at PEN leaves you room to grind mostly to caphra the gear. Considering the fact that you can sell the PEN Basi you can be full PEN anytime and I have a  PEN Capotia Belt in storage.
 UPDATES since the 1st time I posted : Garmoth heart - working to get it inverted right now
1 storage maid (now I have 8 maids in total)
382 CP and 393 Energy
Muskan C4
9 Theiah's  Orb (had 6)
125 inventory slots on ninja (updated from 121, can increase to 129 with the inventory expansion from pearl inventory)
13 mount skill coupons (updated from 12, will continue to buy the ones that are event in loyalty atm so loyalty points may vary)
Prof 4 training on Ninja, working on getting Artisan 1 for the auto run and one more T8 horse)
TET Leebur (trying to PEN them atm)
GS UPDATE: 619 (282ap, 275 aap, 340DP)
1bil in central market and 3more bil worth of items to be sold
$1500 limited time offer

All updates are getting made on the main post. This is just a notice in case you have seen the original post a while ago and you didn't read again the main post.
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