62 Witch NA - 265 AP 297 DP | Lifeskill 460 E | 338 CP | PEARL STUFF | Original Owner

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$ 569.24

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Account Images:
gallery with account screenshots. imgur wasn't working >:(
hello hello! i'm poor and just want back some of the money invested in this game lmao. this account is mine originally. i've been playing off and on since NA release. pre-order! if you have never played BDO, please feel free to ask me questions if something in this listing doesn't make sense to you or you don't understand its worth. happy to answer.
currently don't have a lot in the way of raw cash (~500+ mil) because i've been blowing up ogre rings BUT i do have a cook with tons of ingredients i'm too lazy to deal with as well as an epheria sailboat and a bank full of t1 bartering stuff. witch has skilled 3 sailing for breezy sail.
I have a TET Awakening weapon box unopened (see screenshots), so if witch isnt your thing you can sell all her shit and automatically have a tet weapon ready for any class.
Main Character:
62 Witch: 265 AP 297 DP TET Nouver, 253 AP 308 DP TET Kutum
1800+ SP
(1 or 2AP is from journals, I don't remember, but sheet AP is sheet AP yknow).
(113 stack for enhancing (hence blowing up TRI ogre rings...)
Witch Costumes:
Full Sets: Acher Guard (w/ Crit Crystal), Desert Camou, Kibelius, Fish Costume, Noel Clothes, Cavaro
Misc Set Pieces:
Staves & Daggers: Shudad, Canape
Awakened: Labreve
Chests: Snowflake Dress, Pila Fe Outlaw, Canape, Karlstein, Orwen’s Travel Wear (Costume)
Shoes: Snowflake, Pila Fe Outlaw, Canape, Karlstein
Helms: Shudad, Dreaming Star
Underwear: Lazies, La Vladian (No Stockings), Silk Corset
Alt Character Gear:
See screenshots.
Please be aware that the gear on some of my characters is RENTAL TRI gear. These characters are:
Musa, Dark Knight, Shai, Archer (Weapons). Obviously my witch gear is NOT rental.
Pets (lvl 10):
T4 Cat
T3 Hedgehog
T3 Lamb
T3 Hawk
T3 Dodo bird thing (jk he's level 2)
T1 Fennec Fox (lvl 1, not seen in screenshots)
TWO lvl 30 t8 horses. they aren't coursers, but they both have Drift and Double Instant Accel
ONE lvl 30 t6 with drift + instant accel
multiple other unleveled t6 - t8 horses
Alts & Costumes:
61 Lahn - suppressed boss gear & weapons (TRI).
61 Dark Knight - 2 costumes
61 Shai - 1 costume
57 Tamer - Maid outfit
56 Musa - nothing special
56 Valk - 1 costume
54 Ranger - nothing, she's a second class citizen, sorry
49 Mystic - 1 costume
56 Sorceress - 1 costume
56 Maehwa - Cook costume (+3 Cooks clothes)
57 Archer - 1 costume
61 Witch #2 - Former seasonal character, 1 costume
56 Shai #2 - nothing, just wanted to try to get another gatherer (didn't end up doing it)
7 Guardian - 1 costume
+ 1 unused character slot
Master 13 Cook (Maehwa, cook's costume, easy 100+ mil per day)
Master 10 Trade (Witch)
Artisan 9 Gathering (Witch)
Master 7 Processing (Tamer, Maid outfit)
Artisan 2 Farming (Valkyrie)
Artisan 1 Gathering (61 Shai)
Modest "node empire" setup, mostly for bartering, will be happy to give you my spreadsheet.
Advice of Valks:
Format: Stack (Amount)
60 (8), 52, 50 (x2), 44, 43, 40 (12), 38 (2), 37, 36, 35 (2), 34, 30 (7), 27 (3), 22, 20 (27), 19 (4), 17 (2), 16, 15 (39), 10 (3)
Cool Item Stuff:
30 day value packs x2 (unused)
18 days of Secret Book of Old Moon (unused)
29 days of Blessing of Kamasylve (unused)
160+ Loot Scrolls
59 Artisan Memory
100 + Valks Cries
Lots of Pearl & crafted furniture
3x Horse Costumes
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