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Set sail in the oceanic world of Atlas together with 40,000 players! Seize your day with this upcoming pirate MMO adventure game and get Atlas weapons, crafting resources, items, and more of the gear that you’ll need before sailing on your own ship.

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How to Buy Atlas Items?

  1. Register as a buyer on our website. (free & easy!)
  2. Pick the item that you want then checkout & pay.
  3. Through our onsite messenger, communicate with the buyer on how he/she will be delivering the items to you.
  4. Upon receiving the item, confirm once more through our system that you will be sending in the payment for us to transfer it to the seller.

Atlas Resources (resources, food, flint, metal, etc.)

Resources in Atlas are the raw materials that players collect from the world around them. These items are used to craft all kinds of armor, weapons, and tools, as well as structures for building your own ship or fort. Gathering resources is imperative to your survival, as food and water are among the basic needs of every player in Atlas.

Different Location, Different Material

The various locations in Atlas all feature different materials and resources, which in many cases can be classified in broader categories for the purposes of crafting. Crafting higher level/tier items may require specific materials rather than their broader category. So in order to have high-level gear, you need to go visit foreign climes and search far and wide on exactly what item you need–or simply trade with visitors from afar.

Collecting Resources in Atlas

When you begin the game, you’ll need to use your fist in order to punch trees and rocks to obtain wood and stone to produce specialized harvesting tools such as a pickaxe and a hatchet. Once these initial tools are crafted, it’ll be much easier to harvest greater amounts of resources and more advanced material to create better and more powerful tools. Do note that punching trees and rocks will deal small amounts of damage to you, so it’s wise to craft tools as quickly as possible. Different biomes support different ecosystems and therefore, some islands will have certain animals, fruits, plants, and mineral resources that are not found in other islands.

Atlas Weapons (guns, pistols, hatches, pickaxes, etc.)

Weapons in Atlas are referred to as damage-dealing equipment and items that can be obtained and used by players and hostiles alike. Atlas provides a wide range of weapons, from melee weapons like swords and maces to firearms like pistols and bows. If you want to arm yourself with these weapons, you will need to gather resources to craft them, or simply buy them from other players or merchants. As it is in many games, you should focus on obtaining the right tools.

  • Melee Weapons – These weapons can be used in close-quarters combat and are effective against many enemies. These weapons include Knives, Maces, Spears, Swords, Flapjacks, and Brass Knuckles.
  • Ranged Weapons – Ranged weapons offer a more removed style of battle, allowing you to take out your enemies from a distance. Weapons that are part of this category are bows, flare guns, flintlock pistols, carbine rifles, blunderbusses, and bolas.
  • Structural Weapons – These are weapons that you might affix to your ship or place to defend a fort, such as ballista turrets, cannons, explosive barrels, pickles, and catapults.
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    Option 2: In-game Mailbox delivery.

    Some sellers will select the option to deliver gold or items directly to an in-game mailbox. This option is less popular for larger Games like WoW, but is still viable amongst other games. This option can be convenient for smaller orders because you do not need to coordinate time of delivery.

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