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Xbox PvE New Official Servers ( Event Wyvern Clones)

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ARK: Survival Evolved-Xbox-PVE New
  • x 1 Wyvern

  • Apr-09-2023 10:10:48 AM

  • 20 time(s)

  • 48 Hours

$ 5.00

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    • 1. Buyer creates order and send payment to PlayerAuctions
    • 2. PlayerGuardian secures payment
    • 3. Seller completes delivery within delivery guarantee
    • 4. Buyer confirm delivery
    • 5. Seller receives disbursement

    This listing is for Event Wyvern Clones

    Pick one and we will clone it for you!
     Can Take up to 28 hours usually can deliver immidiately
     Information and Stats:
    #1 Alpha Red Lightning150 lvl - 6920 hp, 645 stm, 568 weight and 223% melee - Male
    #2 CC Lightning 185 lvl - 7114 hp, 740 stm, 632 weight and 305% melee - Male
     #3 Dragonball color Lightning 165 lvl - 6531 hp, 645 stm, 592 weight and 311% melee - Female
    #4 Cotton Candy Fire 180 lvl  - 5560 hp, 866 stm, 648 weight and 241% melee - Male
    #5 Candy Cane Poison 185 lvl -7114 hp, 630 stm, 656 weight and 294% melee - Female
    #6 Dead pool Ice Wyvern 190 lvl - 6337 hp ,882 stm, 680 weight and 270% melee - Male
     #7 Wine Red Ice 180 lvl - 8474 hp, 724 stm, 592 weight and 235% melee - Male
    #8 Easter Event Wyvern 150 lvl - 6531 hp, 740 stm, 600 weight and 229% melee - Female
     #9 Black White Ice Wyvern 185 lvl - 8085 hp, 693 stm, 576 weight and 258% melee - Female
    #10 CC Ice Wyvern 165 lvl - 8085 hp, 878 stm, 568 weight and 229% melee - Female
     #11 Deadpool fire wyvern 185 lvl - 5172 hp, 756 stm, 624 weight and 270% melee - Male
    #12 American Ice Wyvern 165 lvl - 5560 hp, 771 stm, 672 weight and 259% melee - Female
    #13 Xmas Ice Wyvern 180 lvl - 5560 hp, 724 stm, 696 weigth and 282% melee - Female
      #14 Cotton Candy 2.0 Fire 190 lvl - 7308 hp, 661 stm, 720 weight and 252% melee - Female
    #15 Picasso Poison 175 lvl - 6920 hp, 787 stm, 664 weight and 247% melee - Male
    #16 CC Poison 180 lvl - 6337 hp, 756 stm, 608 weight and 223% melee - Female
    #17 Corrupted Fire 180 lvl - 5949 hp, 819 stm, 592 weight and 270% melee  - Female
    #18 Rasta Fire 175 lvl - 7503 hp, 787 stm, 704 weight and 247% melee - Female
    #19 Purple Rain Fire 170 lvl - 6337 hp, 787 stm, 568 weight and 229 % melee - Female
     #20 Dante Lightning 170 lvl - 6143 hp, 803 stm, 632 weight and 270 % melee - Female  
    #21 Monster Fire Wyvern 190 lvl - 5366 hp, 882 stm, 704 weight and 247% melee - Female
     Detailed instructions about the pick up/ delivery process:

    Pick up will be at our convenient building located only some steps away from the blue obelisk on our Ragnarok server.

    We will provide a personal pin locked room for you were you can safely pick up your purchased items.
    The pick up should be easy to do with a level 1 character but a transmitter is available inside if you bring your main character.
    Further details will be shared after the purchase.
    In case you bought certain fertilized eggs (upload bug) or
    you would rather do a personal delivery / or we can leave a raft with pin code then:
    We will deliver the tame/ item to one of the following places depending on which map you play on.
    Scorched Earth, Valguero and Extinction are Green Obelisk,
    The Center and Ragnarok are Blue Obelisk.
    Genesis is Ocean East Biome Spawn.
    Crystal Isles and Island are the Red Obelisk.
    We deliver to Lost island at Kesler Beach Easy Zone.
    Fjordur we deliver to the Asgard Terminal.
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