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Hello, I am selling as I said on title 4* star officer Templar level 80 full pvp and pve geared ready for any endgame content.
PvP gear:
<Ultimate Firebrand Greatsword> +15 (Crit +58 x6)<Ultimate Winged Champion Sword> +2 (Block +41 x3)<Legendary Winged Champion Battle Shield> +15 (Block +60 x1 / block +41 x2)<Executioner Caeus's Long Sword> Very important old weapon with skill that gives 20% attack speed and Move speed for 5minutes with cd of 30 minutes. Very unique, rare, and useful.
<Ultimate Winged Champion Breastplate> +5 (Crit +58 x2 / Crit +39 x1)<Ultimate Winged Champion Greaves> +3 (Crit +58 x1 / Crit +39 x2)
<Ultimate Winged Champion Shoulderplates> +3 (Crit +58 x1 /Crit +39 x2)
<Ultimate Cloud War Gauntlets> +15 (Crit +58 x3)
<Ultimate Cloud War Sabatons> +10(Crit +58 x3)
<Ultimate Winged Champion Helm> +3(Crit +58 x2 / Attack +15 x1)<Ultimate Masterwork Conqueror's Necklace> +3(Crit +58 x3)<Ultimate Masterwork Conqueror's Earrings> +3(Crit +58 x2 / Attack +15 x1)<Ultimate Masterwork Conqueror's Earrings> +3(Crit +58 x2 / Attack +15 x1)<Ultimate Masterwork Conqueror's Ring> +3(Crit +58 x2 / Attack +15 x1)<Ultimate Masterwork Conqueror's Ring> +3(Crit +58 x3)<Ultimate Masterwork Conqueror's Waistband> +3(Crit +58 x3)<Ultimate Winged Champion Bracelet> +10(Crit +58 x3)<Legendary Winged Champion Wings> +15(Attack +15 x3)<Legendary Winged Champion Plume> +10(Attack +15 x3)Stats in pvp:
Attack: 14069
Accuracy: 12.653
Crit: 5009 (29% chance)
MagAcc: 9.201
PvP attack 2270
Phy def: 9871
Mag def: 8821
PvP def: 2090

For pve gear i am not gonna list the items that way cuz half of gear i am using for pve are those pvp items up there cuz even tho they are not giving pve dmg, phy atk and crit manastones on them help to be better than pve I have, the ones i will tell you I have are:
<Ultimate Frostspark Battle Shield> +5
<Ultimate Frostspark Earrings> +5
<Ultimate Frostspark Sabatons> +6
Rest of gear is FM/BoS/Exchange
so you can do any current endgame pve instance since you see I already have shield and earring from iDD and boots from Primeth Forge.

<Empyrean Providence> +9
<Prayer of Resilience> +9
<Prayer of Victory> +9
<Punishing Thrust> +9
<Inquisitor's Blow> +9
<Divine Fury> +9 
<Aether Armor> +9 
<Shieldburst> +9
<Barricade of Steel> +5 
<Divine Justice> +5
<Shield of Faith> +5 
<Punishing Wave> +3
rest of stigmas are +0 (Punishment is +0 only bcs even when it is +ed only recudes mana cost so i use it on 7th/8th slot)

34 slot
24 slot

Sheba fully maxed
Kromede need 1700 more minium to be maxed (stats maxed) Upgrade will only change % of stun (toggle skill)

Normal 18/18
Greater 13/16
Ancient 8/18
Ancients:( Rotund, Fennec Fox, Tiamat Disciple, Tarha Krall, Bloodfang, Denku, Tiamat Drakens, Ereshkigal Drakan)

Title: Aion's Chosen 
35mil AP
Gp: 0 Since NCsoft reset ranking and they will keep reseting every 4weeks so you can always catch up in rank.
Gold bars x387
<Legendary Ridium>x1180
<Ultimate Ridium>x514
<Fighting Spirit Fragment>x1020
<Perer Aether Jelly> x4400
Aetherforge level 300(max)
Candy transform x400 
Luna: x1600

Spiritmaster L80 - Good pve gear
Ranger L80 - basic gear
Assassin L80 - basic gear
Assassin L80 - basic gear 

I hope I covered everything, but if there's any question about account you would like to know feel free to msg me.

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