CD Key Trades and Potential Disputes

CD Key Trades with PlayerAuctions

Buyers can purchase games and other digital content in the form of CD Keys. By ordering one, the seller will get notified to provide the CD Key to PlayerAuctions, which is a requirement. While holding on to the buyer’s payment, we will receive the CD Key from the seller and pass it to the buyer. The buyer will have ample time to activate the CD Key to the right platform or application. Once the order gets processed, the buyer can click on “confirm” from his order page so that the seller can get paid.

Benefits of Conducting CD Key Trades with PlayerAuctions

PlayerAuctions’ Marketplace isn’t just a place for player-to-player (P2P) transactions; we also serve CD Keys getting offered by players. Sell it on our website, and you’re not only taking advantage of our user base of 1+ million, but your offer will also get governed by our PlayerGuardian system, which provides exceptional benefits for a minimal seller’s fee.

Scenario #1: Purchased CD Key is Not Working, it Has Been Used, or is Invalid - The first thing we recommend the buyer to do is to check with the seller to determine if the CD Key provided is wrong. In most cases, the seller should be able to provide a new key.
  • Protection as a Seller: PlayerAuctions will investigate if the CD Key got used by the buyer; if it did, then we will release the payment to the seller.
  • Protection as a Buyer: If there was no usage history with the CD Key after the key was handed over, we could decide the case in favor of the buyer for a refund.