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No.1 RS seller --RS Items -- bandos chestplate and tassets     Offer ID:  66576606
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Seller will deliver: 1 - 10 bandos chestplate and tassets
Price: $22.49
Seller will deliver via: Face to Face
Seller's delivery guarantee: Within 24 Hours
after your payment is securely sent to
PlayerAuctions and is successfully verified
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Seller: wisdomboy    
Feedback: 4,206 reviews (99.2% satisfied)
Please contact me to confirm my availability.
Member: since May-22-2008
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Offer ID: 66576606
Market: Runescape - All Servers
End time: May-18-2012 09:19:21 PM
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Item Name: Others: bandos chestplate and tassets
    welcome to wisdomboy's store


    +Item: bandos chestplate and tassets

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    Runescape Item(stuff)

    Item(stuff)  Price($usd) Price(Negotiate )


    Dragon claws 35-50
    Bandos godsword 20-30
    Zamorak godsword  
    armadyl godsword  
    Saradomin sword  
    Dragon platebody  
    Dragon full helm  
    Dragon Plate Armour set  
    Dragon chain armour set (I)  
    Dragonfire shield  
    Amulet of Fury and Abyssal Whip  
    Santa hat  
    Bandos chestplate  
    Bandos tassets  
    Ranger Set  
    Berserker ring and Abyssal Whip  
    Other items  Negotiate 

      Important Note

      1.What are the Items you want to purchase at one time? Pm me plz

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