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80-85 Full PvP "All Slots" Epic Flying Mount! [Custom Orders Welcome]...    Offer ID:  63273395
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Seller: OSGaming    
Feedback: 218 reviews (100.0% satisfied)
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Offer ID: 63273395
Offer views: 103
Market: World of Warcraft US
End time: Feb-23-2012 12:48:11 AM
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The Working Grunts have been crowned The Leveling Kings of


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Epic Flying Mount 

5/5 Season 11 390 PvP Gear

390 Boots, Belt, Bracers and Relic, Wand or Thrown Weapon!

About The Working Grunts, Leveling Kings of

We have been offering power leveling services for 7 years with your amazing power leveling staff, we have mastered ways that the chinese levelers would die to know. We are an 100% based company, a registered business who pays taxes unlike these chinese botters on playerauctions, names we can't mention but you can find them easy for yourself. We offer 100% gurantee you will never be banned or your account to be used for anything else but just leveling.

Our Promise To Our Customers?  We promise that you will be more than 100% Satisfied with your order when it is done, so happy you will want to tell your friends. Word of mouth brings us 90% of our orders as people are slowly learning we are the true leveling kings of playerauctions. 

Customer Support: We offer amazing customer support, you get daily updates on your power leveling status, you can even add your leveler to skype and talk to him and you will see we are honestly american levelers. We do Email, PM, Text To Mobile Phone, AIM and Skype Updates. It is the customers choice, but we will update you and ask any questions during the hours of leveling.

8:00AM EST - 12:00AM EST

Order Power Leveling with someone you can trust, because in all truth most and 90% of chinese levelers will take all the gold earned off your account during leveling to sell to other chinese farmers. WE LEAVE EVERYTHING! We take nothing off your account at all, every item earned is left on the account stored in the bank or on a bank alt we make. If your an enchanter, we will enchant all the quest greens we cant use and save the materials for you to use! 


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good leveler sean7488 1155 days 1 hour ago
Very fast mib12890 1183 days 15 hours ago
Great seller crb154 1200 days 10 hours ago
A+, instant delivery as indicated on the auction EDGEonline 1206 days 5 hours ago
Awesome job! Thanks again! burnem 1207 days 13 hours ago
good leveler! thepantherman 1209 days 11 hours ago
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