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4k honor + 4k justice points--SKYPE (voice support)--Zaxxis WoW    Offer ID:  63292513
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Seller: zaxxis    
Feedback: 3,854 reviews (98.8% satisfied)
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Member: since May-12-2008
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Offer ID: 63292513
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Market: World of Warcraft US
End time: Feb-21-2012 07:28:43 PM
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Zaxxis is an experienced team since beta playerauctions with over 700 feedbacks. Unlike Chinese companies, we speak fluent English on SKYPE(voice support) or CELLPHONE and are located in TAIWAN. We have already had previous experiences for the last eight years (since Everquest), and our PayPal account has records of successful transactions with 1000+ different users. We also have a VPN(virtual IP) in Dallas, so please feel free to place your order.

Estimated Time:
80-85 : 1-2days
70-85 : 3-4days
60-85 : 4-6days
01-85 : 7-10days
01-80 : 6-9days
01-60 : 2-3days
60-70 : 1-2days
01-70 : 4-6days
60-80 : 3-4days
70-80 : 1-2days
55-85 : 5-6days
4k honor : 1day
4k justice : 1day
4k honor +4k justice : 1day
Pvp 5piece sets : 1day
Pvp off slots : 1day
Pvp full sets : 2days
5 piece justice sets : 1days
Full justice sets : 3days
Archaeology 1-525 : 1-2days
You can get 4k HONOR + 4k JUSTICE Points!

In the beginning, we will level your character from 1 to 45 by questing, and we will also do some instances to obtain some blue gears which can help us to level your character quicker. Your character will have achievements from the questing.
After your character reaches 45, we will start to do battlegrounds/instances together to level your character. While doing battleground to obtain some honor points for heirloom, we will also run instance to keep your gear up to your current level. You will also have achievements from both sides =)
Basically, when you reach 85, you will have 2-3heirlooms. Moreover, you will have maximized honor/justice points to buy the newest pvp and pve gears ( the lv85 pvp/pve gears).

You keep all the gold and loots!

We DON"T like other powerlevelers who use customer's characters to farm gold while leveling and SELL them into playerauctions AGAIN!


You can decide to spend your honor points into EPIC gear or GOLD by yourself. Exchanging your honor points into items can bring you even more gold. Honor points can buy leather/ore/herbs/gems/enchanting shards...etc.

Flawless Feedbacks!

You can read our feedbacks from this link
Over 700!!! flawless feedbacks

Please feel free to ask anything. Unlike Chinese farmers, we use Taiwanese management methods to schedule and monitor your account's safety, and we speak fluent English with live chat support on Skype/AIM/Yahoo Messagener/MSN/Cell Phone.

Your satisfaction is our most valuable reward!

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