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400+ skins plus all pax and all retired skins.    Offer ID:  78725351
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Offer ID: 78725351
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Possibly one of the most complete skin collections too date. All winter games skins, all lunar revel skins, goth annie, huntress sivir, silver kayle, human ryze, pax jax, pax tf, pax sivir, riot singed, riot nasus, riot graves, king rammus, ufo corki, judgement kayle, all harrowing skins, all retired skins, all shadow isles skins, all snowdown shodown skins, All tpa skins, all traditional skins, all limited edition skins, all 2010 fifa world cup skins, all harrowing skins, rusty blitzcrank, Championship riven, All 2009 and 2010 snodown skins, urfwick.


Aatrox: Justicar Aatrox
Ahri: Dynasty, Midnight.
Alistar: Golden, Matador, Longhorn, unchained.
Amumu: Pharaoh, Vancourver, Emumu, re-gifted, Sad Robot.
Anivia: Team Spirit, Bird of Prey, Noxus Hunter, Hextech, Blackfrost.
Annie: Goth, Red riding, Wonderland, Frankentibbers, Panda.
Ashe: Freljord, Sherwood forest, Woad.
Blitzcrank: Rusty, Goalkeeper, Boom Boom, piltovers customs. Definitely
Not Blitzcrank, Iblitz.
Brand: Apocalyptic, Vandal, Cryocore, Zombie.
Caitlyn: Resistance, Sheriff, Safari.
Cassiopeia: Desperada, Siren, Jade Fang.
Cho'Gath: Nightmare, Gentleman, Jurassic
Corki: Ufo, Ice Toboggan, Red baron, Hot rod, Urfrifer, Dragonwing.
Darius: High lord, Bioforge.
Diana: Dark Valkyrie.
Dr Mundo: Toxic, Mr Mundoverse, Corporate Mundo, Mundo Mundo, Executioner,
TPA Mundo.
Draven: Soul Reaver, Gladiator Draven.
Elise: Death Blossom.
Evelynn: Shadow, Masquerade.
Ezreal: Nottingham, Striker, Frosted, Explorer, Pulsefire, TPA ezreal.
Fiddlesticks: Spectral, Union Jack, Bandito, Pumpkinhead, Surprise Party,
Dark candy.
Fiora: Royal Guard, Nightraven, Headmistress.
Fizz: Atlantean, Tundra, Fisherman.
Galio: Enchanted, Hextech, Commando, Gatekeeper.
Gangplank: Spooky, Minuteman, Sailor, Toy Soldier, Special forces.
Garen: Sanguine, Desert Trooper, Commando, Dreadknight, Rugged.
Gragas: Scuba, Hillbilly, Santa, Gragas Esq, Vandal, Oktoberfest.
Graves: Hired gun, Jailbreak, Mafia, Riot.
Hecarim: Blood Knight, Reaper, Headless.
Heimerdinger: Alien invader, Blast zone, Piltovers customs, Snowmerdinger.
Irelia: Nightblade, Aviator, Frostblade.
Janna: Tempest, Hextech.
Jarvan IV: Commando, Dragon slayer, Warring Kingdoms.
Jax: The mighty jax, Vandal, Angler, Pax, Temple.
Jayce: Full Metal Jayce.
Karma: Sun Goddess, Sakura, Traditional.
Karthus: Phantom, Statue of Karthus, Grim Reaper, Pentakill.
Kassadin: Festival, Deep one, Pre-Void, Harbinger.
Katarina: Mercenary, Red card, Kitty cat, Slay Belle.
Kayle: Silver, Viridian, Unmasked, Battleborn, Judgment, Aether Wing.
Kennen: Deadly, Swamp Master, Karate, Kennen M.D.
Kha'Zix: Mecha.
Kog'Maw: Caterpillar, Sonoran, Monarch, Reindeer, Lion Dance.
LeBlanc: Wicked, Prestigious, Mistletoe.
Lee Sin: Traditional, Acolyte, Dragon Fist, Muay Thai.
Leona: Valkyrie, Defender, Iron Solari.
Lissandra: Bloodstone.
Lulu: Bittersweet, Wicked, Dragon Trainer.
Lux: Sorceress, Spellthief, Imperial.
Malphite: Shamrock, Coral, Marble, Glacial.
Malzahar: Vizier, Shadow Prince, Djinn, Overlord.
Maokai: Charred, Totemic, Festive, Haunted.
Master Yi: Assassin, Chosen, Ionia, Samurai, Headhunter.
Miss Fortune: Cowgirl, Waterloo, Candy Cane.
Mordekaiser: Dragon knight, Infernal, Pentakill, lord.
Morgana: Exiled, Singul Succulence.
Nasus: Galactic, Pharoah, Dreadknight, Riot K-9.
Nautilus: Abyssal, Subterranean.
Nidalee: Snow bunny, Leopard, French Maid, Pharaoh, Bewitching, Headhunter.
Nocturne: Frozen Terror, Void, Haunting, Eternum.
Nunu: Sasquatch, Workshop, Grungy, Nunu Bot, TPA Nunu.
Olaf: Forsaken, Glacial, Brolaf.
Orianna: Bladecraft, TPA Orianna.
Pantheon: Myrmidon, Ruthless, Perseus, Full Metal, Glaive Warrior.
Poppy: Noxus, Lolipoppy, Blacksmith, Ragdoll, Battle Regalia, Scarlet Hammer.
Quinn: Phoenix.
Rammus: King Rammus, Chrome, Molten, Frozen, Ninja.
Renekton: Galactic, Outback, Bloodfury, Rune Wars.
Rengar: Headhunter.
Riven: Redeemed, Battle Bunny, Championship.
Rumble: Rumble in the Jungle, Bilgerat.
Ryze: Human, Tribal, Uncle Ryze, Professor, Zombie, Pirate.
Sejuani: Sabretusk, Traditional.
Shaco: Mad Hatter, Nutcracko, Workshop, Masked.
Shen: Frozen, Yellow Jacket, Surgeon, Warlord, TPA shen.
Shyvana: Ironscale, Boneclaw, Darkflame, Ice Drake.
Singed: Riot Squad, Hextech, Surfer, Mad scientist, Augmented.
Sion: Hextech, Barbarian, Lumberjack, Warmonger.
Sivir: Warrior Princess, Spectacular, Huntress, Bandit, Pax.
Skarner: Sandscourge, Earthrune.
Sona: Muse, Pentakill, Silent Night.
Soraka: Dryad.
Swain: Northern Front, Bilgewater, Tyrant.
Syndra: Justicar.
Talon: Renegade, Crimson Elite, Dragonblade.
Taric: Emerald, Armor of the Fifth Age, Bloodstone.
Teemo: Happy Elf, Recon, Badger, Astronaut, Cottontail.
Thresh: Deep Terror.
Tristana: Riot Girl, Earnest Elf, Firefighter.
Trundle: Lil Slugger, Junkyard, Traditional.
Tryndamere: Highland, King, Demonblade.
Twisted Fate: PAX, Jack of Hearts, Magnificient, Tango, High Noon, Musketeer,
Underworld Twisted Fate.
Twitch: Kingpin, Whistler Village, Gangster.
Udyr: Black Belt, Primal.
Urgot: Giant Enemy Crabgot, Butcher, Battlecast.
Varus: Blight Crystal, Arclight.
Vayne: Vindicator, Aristocrat.
Veigar: White Mage, Curling, Veigar Greybeard, Leprechaun, Baron, Superb Villain,
Bad Santa.
Vi: Neon Strike.
Viktor: Full Machine, Prototype.
Vladimir: Count, Marquis, Nosferatu, Vandal, Blood Lord.
Volibear: Thunder Lord, Northern Storm, Runeguard.
Warwick: Urf the Manatee, Big Bad, Tundra Hunter, Feral, Hyena.
Wukong: Volcanic, General, Jade.
Xerath: Runeborn, Battlecast, Scorched Earth.
Xin Zhao: Commando, Imperial, Viscero, Winged Hussar, Warring Kingdoms.
Yorick: Undertaker, Pentakill.
Zac: Special Weapon.
Zed: Shockblade.
Ziggs: Major, Pool Party, Snow Day.
Zilean: Old Saint, Groovy, Shurima Desert, Time machine.
Zyra: Wildfire.


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