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Buy Habbo Coins and Own the Best Room Ever

Do you want to have coolest furniture to make your room in Habbo look awesome? Don’t have the Habbo Coins to get them? Maybe you just don’t have enough Habbo Credits to get that wicked throne to complete your fantasy themed room? Don’t fret because PlayerAuctions has the solution to your problems. You can buy Habbo Coins from our marketplace. Best of all you can get them at a lower price. Now you can get the furniture you want and have the best room ever!

Save money and buy Habbo Coins here

Whether you are looking for Habbo Coins or Habbo Gold Bars, the PlayerAuctions marketplace is the best place to go. Here in our player to player marketplace, players can set their own prices. This is why you can find cheaper Habbo Coins here than in other sites. With over 400,000 members, you can be sure to find Habbo Credits that will fit your budget.

Trading Habbo Coins safely

Transacting with other players through the PlayerAuctions marketplace is safe and secure. Thanks to our PlayerGuardian Trading Protections, we ensure that all offers for Habbo Coins are genuine and that each purchase has been delivered before disbursement is issued.

There are so many reasons why trading at PlayerAuctions makes perfect sense. We offer the best prices for Habbo Coins and provide our friendly community with multiple payment options and 24 x 7 live chat support. We have been keeping our members and their trades safe since 1999 and are a BCA accredited company.

If you have questions, concerns or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us through our 24x7 Live Chat Support, email, or fax. Happy trading!

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Your Purchase:

16 of 20 For Sale Offers available for a purchase of 1,000 Coins

Sort By: Seller Guarantee Click for Help Feedback Price Click for Help Click for Help Secure Payment
Glenn8765 20 min 15
(94.1% Satisfied)
$47.00$1= 21.276 Coins
rolocell 20 min 2
(100.0% Satisfied)
$50.00$1= 20.000 Coins
Demilitarise 2 hr 24
(100.0% Satisfied)
$43.00$1= 23.255 Coins
Lukay7 2 hr 3
(80.0% Satisfied)
$50.00$1= 20.000 Coins
JasonL 24 hr 1641
(99.9% Satisfied)
$47.00$1= 21.276 Coins
ChristOfCanadia 24 hr 109
(100.0% Satisfied)
$60.00$1= 16.666 Coins
devistations 24 hr 65
(100.0% Satisfied)
$45.00$1= 22.222 Coins
lnvincibles 24 hr 63
(93.0% Satisfied)
$43.98$1= 22.737 Coins
FrodoRSGP 24 hr 59
(100.0% Satisfied)
$48.00$1= 20.833 Coins
inotm8 24 hr 55
(100.0% Satisfied)
$50.00$1= 20.000 Coins
AstroSam 24 hr 49
(100.0% Satisfied)
$48.00$1= 20.833 Coins
Sunfernape 24 hr 25
(100.0% Satisfied)
$79.00$1= 12.658 Coins
TheNic 24 hr 4
(100.0% Satisfied)
$45.00$1= 22.222 Coins
bakerskater 24 hr 3
(100.0% Satisfied)
$50.00$1= 20.000 Coins
RealDealer 24 hr New seller $42.00$1= 23.809 Coins
Chrispy2211 2 hr 17
(100.0% Satisfied)
$47.50$1= 21.052 Coins


Why should I buy on PlayerAuctions?

Low Prices: Prices set by other players or PowerSellers on PlayerAuctions are significantly lower than the high markups you would find on expensive retail sites.

Guaranteed Security: PlayerAuctions is quite simply the most secure place to buy and sell MMO game assets. Through PlayerGuardian, you are 100% guaranteed full and as-described delivery, or your money back.

Reliable Delivery Speed: PlayerAuctions calculates each seller's average delivery speed from the seller's latest successfully completed deliveries, which gives you a clear idea of how fast the seller will deliver your order.

After I send payment, when will the seller deliver?

To see how quickly the seller may deliver your order, refer to the seller's delivery guarantee period, which is their promise to complete delivery within a certain timeframe after your payment is securely sent to PlayerAuctions and is successfully verified. Each seller sets their delivery guarantee period independent of PlayerAuctions. In the event that the seller is not able to complete the delivery within their guaranteed time, you may cancel the order without penalty for a hassle-free refund from PlayerAuctions.

What if the seller doesn’t deliver?

PlayerAuctions guarantees that the seller will deliver your order, or your money back. The overwhelming majority of transactions through our site occur successfully. As for the very exceptional cases, you can rest assured that they have been carefully considered by our systems and processes, and we are well prepared to handle them in the rare event that they do occur. This includes:

PlayerGuardian Buyer Protections

PlayerAuctions is the most secure place to buy and sell MMO game assets. Our proprietary security technology, PlayerGuardian, keeps you, your payments, and your trades protected and private. The protections below are provided to all PlayerAuctions buyers.

Secure Habbo Coins Transaction Process Overview

PlayerAuctions makes it safe to buy from our members by securing your payment and guaranteeing your delivery. View our trading tutorial for details.